As is currently the nation's largest unmanned helicopter platform, by weifang tianxiang aviation industry co., LTD., Beijing Aiken technology co., LTD. Jointly develop V750 unmanned helicopter development has been concern in the industry. A recent network of images shows that the V750 has developed an armed variant. If this unmanned helicopter joins China's armed forces, it will play an important role in counter-terrorism, anti-violence and maritime law enforcement.

Data sheet: photos of the first flight of V750

Data map: unmanned attack helicopter is still in the testing phase

From the beginning of the design, the V750 considered the ability to take off from a simple airport, field site, ship deck, and carry a variety of mission equipment. According to the manufacturer, V750 can carry at the same time including electro-optical pod, synthetic aperture radar, 3 d laser scanning radar, digital aerial device, for performing geological disaster investigation, forest fire prevention, Marine remote sensing, urban planning, power patrol, rescue and relief and mission requirements such as aerial photography. Soon after it was delivered, it was purchased by shandong province's land department.

From the experience of foreign countries, there are many examples of small unmanned helicopters being adapted for military use, and unmanned helicopters equipped with our military have played a key role in many related tasks. Therefore, some western media believe that the V750 can be used in military field after modification. In 2013, the manufacturer of the V750 in tianjin, the city of tianjin, made the diaoyu island as the backdrop for publicity and exhibition, which seemed to suggest that the aircraft could play a role in the field of Marine rights protection in China.

The s-100 unmanned helicopter developed by sibel, Austria, has a take-off weight and maximum payload far below the V750, but the manufacturer still develops armed types

Japanese media images of a military drone that took place several years ago on 054A

In 2013, the exhibition board of the V750 was in the background of diaoyu dao

Photos from Internet, type V750 armed improvement ideas of MQ - 8 b is more similar with the United States, mount two missiles fired by cold model, it also should have the ability to mount the laser guided bomb or TV. Considering V750 payload, the unmanned helicopter gunships against fire is able to and in Pakistan, Burma and Africa nations of participate in military action "rainbow - 3" was found to play a whole unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and even the possibility of a slight beyond. 

Although V750 shortcomings short battery life, etc, but riot on terror and the pursuit of rapid response in the fight, but V750 armed helicopter control of more than 150 km radius, enough to guarantee the safety of operators, its relatively small size is also very suitable for multifarious city from building to building, and complex geographical conditions, the implementation of reconnaissance and accurate fire fighting.

The V750 is undergoing flight testing

The V750 mounted missile. The latter part of the missile is similar to the ar-1 anti-tank missile, but the seeker changes and the launch mode is different

The V750 armed unmanned helicopter

The test hit the target successfully

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